Hair Transplantation in the campaign.

Phentermine 37.5 Cheapest Online FUE Hair Transplantation Package FUE method of Hair Transplantation Maximum Grafts PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment Consultation and Examinations Post Operation Medicines Post Operation medical shampoo and lotions. 3 nights hotel accommodation Airport pick-up and back to the airport, transfers between hotel and hospital or clinic. Translator and translation fees. Life time guarantee for transplanted amount […]

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Features of FUE hair transplantation

Phentermine Hcl 37.5 Buy FUE method of hair transplant is not only taking the roots of the area between the ears, but rather from the area above the ears and also so we can get a larger number of grafts per session ranges between 3,500 to 5,500 grafts Fue grafts that are extracted in the donor area in addition to […]

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Is the growth of transplanted guaranteed process?

Yes, because the bulbs that are planted are kidnapped from the area behind the head, and hair in these areas do not fall only in very rare cases, even when cases of complete baldness is not flaking have hair in these areas, because the living follicles in these areas have a genetic characteristic that prevent […]
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Will Second Hair Transplant Session be Different than First Session? Generally in a second procedure, a patient can expect less swelling post-up although the reason for this is not known. There will also generally be less shedding in the second hair transplant session since the weak miniaturized hair that will be shed is often lost in the first session and the previously transplanted hair is […]

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Istanbul Health Expo

Istanbul Health Expo executed with patronage of Minister of Health and Minister Dr. Mehmet MUEZZINOGLU honored Istanbul Health Travel with his opening ceremony.

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New Offer For Hair Transplantation

Money back Guarantee – The cost calculation we create for you is absolutely free. The fees quoted are fixed. This means that you will incur no extra costs. If it should happen, nevertheless, sometimes that you pay more in Istanbul than given in the costing calculation provided by us, we will refund you the difference […]
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Istanbul Health Travel During the Medical Fair In Istanbul
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After Hair Transplant, Can I Sleep Normally?

We ask that you sleep on your back, with your head elevated on a few pillows. By raising your head, the pillows decrease any swelling that normally occurs after the hair transplant.      

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How Will Hair Transplant Look If Donor Area Hair Is Dark And Recipient Area Hair Is Gray?<200x140.jpg The hair is taken from the back and sides of the scalp and the follicular units, once dissected from the donor area, are randomly inserted into the recipient area. That way, the color of the harvested hair will be mixed and will match perfectly.   Usually, people’s hair is lighter on the top because of […]

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How Are Follicular Unit Grafts Distributed in a Hair Transplant? Actually, we don’t make the transplanted hair evenly distributed. It is usually front weighted, so that the hair restoration will look most full when looking at the person head on. Framing the face is the most important part of the restoration. Covering the top is the next most important region and, if the patient has […]

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Health Tourism (Medical Tourism) TURKEY Health tourism can be a hairy business anywhere, but for Turkey this is literally the case. Hair transplants have been a cornerstone of the country’s billion-dollar-plus medical-tourism market for more than a decade. But recently, a growing number of medical tourists, especially Middle Eastern men, have been traveling to Turkey specifically for facial hair implants. […]

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