Features of FUE hair transplantation

FUE method of hair transplant is not only taking the roots of the area between the ears, but rather from the area above the ears and also so we can get a larger number of grafts per session ranges between 3,500 to 5,500 grafts
Fue grafts that are extracted in the donor area in addition to their use in hair transplant can also be used in the transplantation of the eyebrows, beard and mustache transplantation
After the completion of the hair transplant process in a FUE method due to non-existence of a lot of pain and the impact of any damage or important FUE regarded as favorite method for hair transplantaion
FUE hair transplantation method can transplant 65 to 70 grafts per centimeter
Treatment period FUE method too short for that person sower can return to a normal way of life directly
Of the most important features FUE method it is possible to pull the bulbs not only from the head but from all over the body
Due to the use of devices very accurate FUE method transplanted hair be more natural hair from the output of agriculture in a manner slide

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