Geriatrics And Disabled Tourism



Providing healthcare for the elderly citizens is nowadays one of the most important objectives of the social government. Throughout the world, citizens older than 65 years old are considered elderly and the healthcare services for such citizens is provided by the departments of gerontology.

Gerontology is a science that deals with the functionality, social life, life quality, effective preventive treatments and social ageing of citizens over 65 years old and aims at providing them a more satisfactory and healthy life by protecting their current health state, providing optimal treatment of their illnesses, helping them to sustain an independent life and increasing

their life quality.
Geriatric services are provided by hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and ambulatory rehabilitation programs that vary in accordance with the patients’ needs.

Policies and programs regarding ageing in Turkey are focusing on increasing the life quality and general wellbeing. Hotel clinics, healthcare centers, nursing and rehabilitation centers, employing professional medical personnel, provide healthcare services for elderly patients that visit Turkey from Europe and other countries. Due to its virgin nature, calm and settled life opportunity in small towns and villages, Turkey is one of the most significant centers for geriatric health tourism.

Combination of treatment and rehabilitation with ecologically clean beaches, thermal facilities, plateaus and the benefaction of sun and nature provides both physiologically and psychologically positive impact on the patients. Especially in Aegean and Mediterranean regions, thermal facilities, plateau tourism and healthcare services, easy access to healthcare centers and natural life style makes Turkey one of the most preferred countries in the world in terms of preventive healthcare treatment for elderly and disabled individuals.