Istanbul Health Travel provides a successful surgery at affordable costs with skilled and specialized cosmetic surgeons who complete the treatment with FUE Technique. Our clinics have many qualified clinical doctors and nursing staff all can speak multiple languages that are responsible for attracting foreign patients towards the clinics and helping them during the stay in Turkey.


If you like to proceed hair transplantation, at first please fill up the application form from “online consultation” section through our website. Don’t forget to add your contact information, request, medical history and picture. We will respond to you within 24 hours.



1st step: Preliminary interview

It allows the patient to communicate with his doctor/hair transplant specialist and establish a relationship of trust and it includes:

– a full explanation of the hair implantation process, and in particular, the technique, the results, the cost, the contraindications.

– The determination of the surgical and the medical history, and also the alopecia family history.

– The investigation of the patient’s alopecia in order to identify when it started and the possible triggering factors, the treatments used and the past hair surgeries if any.

2nd step: Scalp clinical examination

– a scalp palpation to assess the elasticity of the skin

– a density measurement of hairs on different areas of the scalp

– a densitometry examination with a magnification camera that aims at :

=> verifying the thickness of the hairs in different areas

=> the counting of hairs and the determination of density per square centimeter in both donor and recipient areas.

=> The counting of telogen hairs in every area, so as to target the areas with a greater risk of rapid loss and the establishment of the best therapeutic strategy.

3rd step: Determination of the hair implantation project

The doctor will remind the patient that the intervention is a redistribution of the existing hairs from the donor area to the recipient area.

Thus, the patient must accept that the resulting density cannot be the same as before.

Depending on the age, and the importance of the alopecia, it might be more relevant to concentrate in one particular area rather than spreading hairs all over the head if the alopecia is big.



After the evaluation, we will be agreed together an appointment date according to both side availability. We can offer also hotel and transfer services to our patients  We will pick you up from the airport after receiving the flight/ticket details. Our driver will be wait in front of the gate with a signboard bearing with your name on it.


Driver will be picked you up from you hotel and take you to hospital. When you arrive on the morning of your procedure, you will be greeted by one of our staff members. You will be asked to fill out some basic forms while your doctor/hair transplant specialist and surgical technicians prepare for the hair transplant surgery. A technician will take your blood pressure and make sure you have followed the pre-operative instructions carefully. You will then be led into one of four state-of-the-art procedure rooms. Hair transplant procedure rooms are designed specifically for hair transplantation, facilitating optimal efficiency and patient comfort.

Procedure Review

Before the hair restoration surgery begins, your doctor/hair transplant specialist will review your previously discussed goals and expectations and work with you to determine the most effective use of your donor hair. The doctor/patient review is an integral part of the process: the doctor/hair transplant specialist will listen to your wishes and ideas, take them into account, and make suggestions based on thousands of successful hair restorations. The procedure will not move forward until you feel completely satisfied with the approach and design you and your doctor have agreed upon.

Donor Area Removal

Hair transplant surgery begins with injections of local anesthesia into the donor area. The anesthesia will ensure that you feel no pain. Once the area is frozen, your doctor/hair transplant specialist will begin harvesting the donor. Donor harvesting takes about 1 to 1, 5 hours. During this part of the procedure, you will be lying face-down on a comfortable table very much like a massage table.

Recipient Site Creation & Graft Insertion

For this part of the procedure, you will be seated in a comfortable, reclining procedure chair. As the hair transplant doctor creates recipient sites—small incisions that will receive the donor hair—you can watch TV and movies

Technicians will place more grafts and the doctor/hair transplant specialist will create more recipient sites. At most anytime during the day you can request a break to use the washroom or stand up and stretch.


Once the procedure is finished you will be presented with an after care post-operative package. This package consists of various medications such as an anti-biotic, mild pain killers and other assorted items to make your post-operative healing time go as smoothly as possible. And you will be drop back to your hotel by our driver.



FUE Hair Transplant Price:

..…..€ – Maximum Number of Grafts

All our FUE hair transplant options include:


  • FUE method of Hair transplantation
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment
  • Consultation and Examinations
  • Post Operation Medicines
  • Post Operation medical shampoo and lotions.
  • 3 nights hotel accommodation
  • Airport pick-up and back to the airport, transfers between hotel and hospital or clinic.
  • Translator and translation fees.
  • Life time guarantee for transplanted amount of graft