How Can I Make a Hair Transplant Less Obvious Post-op?

There are a number of factors that can make a hair transplant obvious in the post-op period.

Redness after hair restoration surgery is easily camouflaged with ordinary make-up or if your hair loss is just started and suitable No-Cut/Non-Shave method of hair transplantation it wont be noticed from outsider at all. For more information about No-Cut method of hair transplantation you can click by following link:


At one week post-op,the grafts are pretty secure, so that make-up can be applied and then gently washed off at the end of the day. Since the recipient wounds are well healed by one week, using make-up does not increase the risk of infection. At 10 days after the hair transplant, the grafts are permanent and can not be dislodged, therefore, at this time the makeup can be removed without any special precautions.


Usually, residual crusting (scabbing) presents more of a cosmetic problem than redness, but can be minimized with meticulous post-op care.

Crusts form when the blood or serum that oozes from recipient sites after the procedure dries on the scalp. Although it is relatively easy to prevent scabs from forming with frequent washing of the scalp after the surgery, once the scabs harden they are difficult to remove without dislodging the grafts.

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