Thermal Tourısm In Turkey



The word SPA is derived from the words ‘Salus Per Aquam’ which means ‘water that brings health’.

A nice and exotic atmosphere resting the mind and body with rejuvenating pampering, taking yourself out of the daily routine. We call these facilities SPA.

The goal is to balance the body and soul with the elements that nature has given you. These elements have detoxifying and rejouvinating properties present in water, aromatic herbs, mud containing salts and minerals, all of which are beneficial for the body.


Relaxation in general terms reenjovinates and refreshes skin and body, as well as the blood circulation system and rejuvenation of the cells. SPA provides an escape from city life and everyday exhaustion, serving as a mini-vacation. The relaxing services of the SPA environment and helps in achieving a healthy balance to the body that Stress and worry takes away. The tender touch of the trained customized, the decoration and the mystic atmosphere helps the individual to drift into far away heaven.

Thermal Cure

Thermal cure is a treatment method by means of therapeutic agents applied in series at regular intervals in certain doses, repeated at certain rate.

Hot Spring Treatment

Hot Spring treatment is a therapeutic treatment system applied by means of ground and sea-borne mineral waters, gases, peliod (mud) and climatic factors as well as natural treatment by the elements of local climate facilities and other necessary treatments along with cures.


Balneotherapy is a bathing, consumption and inhalation treatment method by means of such natural treating elements as thermomineral waters, peloids and gases.



Climatotherapy is a systematic multidose treatment method by means of such climatic elements as air temperature, moisture, wind force and speed, solar radiation and applications.


Thalassotherapy is the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. It is based on the systematic use of seawater, sea products, and shore climate.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Exercise, electrotherapy, massage and other methods used together with hot spring treatment.

Medical Treatment

Local or systemic application of medicaments during the hot spring treatment.

Supportive Applications

Supportive applications include health education, diet applications, and regulation of daily activities, behavior seminars and psychological support.

Thermal Water

Thermal waters are waters, the temperature of which is more than 20 ºC at the point of origin.

Mineral Water

Mineral waters are waters that contain at least 1 gram of dissolved mineral per liter, reach the surface either naturally or by drilling-gallery method, can be used for physiological and treating activities and are not bacteriological or chemically polluted.

Thermomineral Water

Thermomineral waters are waters, the temperature of which is more than 20 ºC at the point of origin and that contain at least 1 gram of dissolved mineral per liter.

Current Advances in Turkish Thermal Tourism

Thermals springs in Turkey are ranked 7th in the world and the best in Europe and Turkey is the 3rd in terms of hot spring applications in Europe. In order to enable more effective and productive use of unique and renewable geothermal resources in Turkey, policies are being developed to establish an understanding different from a traditional hot spring use. With regard to development of Thermal Tourism, the goal is to increase not only the number of high quality facilities with cure parks, cure centers and accommodation integration, but also the number of tourists and the tourism income in general.

Besides traditional hot spring bathing approach, Thermal Tourism’s new objective is to establish facilities that can provide wellbeing, vitality, recreation, fun, relaxation and sports activities all the year around.

Some of the opportunities presented by Thermal Tourism are as follows;