In order to find a solution to their health problems, many people nowadays decide to take a health trip away from their own country to take advantage of quality treatment at advantageous prices . These tours, in which people travel to another city or country to combine treatment and holiday at reasonable prices, are aimed at medical treatment and are known as health tourism.

Did you know that this Eurasian country is home to more JCI-accredited health care facilities than any nation outside the U.S. Even for Asian patients, it is draw to access a medical system that has plenty of doctors who are Western-trained and fluent in English. Apart form that, the Turkish government enforces strict quality standards in every area of medical technology, facilities and personnel; to keep this inflow alive and well-maintained. Turkey is presently recognized as a competitive and high technology healthcare destination treating thousands of foreign patients from Europe and neighboring countries every month. Close to 60 internationally competitive medical faculties training thousands of Turkish and foreign medical students and high certification standards for physicians ensure successful medical results in a wide variety of specialties. Culturally vibrant atmosphere in metropolitan Turkish cities provide a friendly and safe environment for patients and spouses to fully recuperate.

The incredibly central geographical location of Turkey at a crossroad between Europe and Asia allow for easy access and short flying times to every destination in the world. Turkey is an EU candidate country currently fulfilling membership criteria ensuring high and consistent standards in healthcare. Reliable quotes and consistent prices are the norm. All accredited Turkish hospitals are outfitted with world-class infrastructure and modern technology.

Almost all major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Astra Zeneca are present in Turkey with regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities as well as many local manufacturers.

Istanbul Health Travel coordinate closely with its patient in respect to patient rights, cultural and tradition values to find optimum solutions to meet their demands, ensuring only the best in quality and services within intact ethical values.

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As Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul constitutes the center of Turkey’s economic, cultural, intellectual, and social life. With a spectacular geographic location on the Bosporus Straight, Istanbul is the only city in the world that is situated on two continents, both in Europe and Asia. Istanbul has been at the cultural crossroads of East and West and uniquely surrounded by thousands of years of historical and cultural heritage. Istanbul has served as the capital to four of the world’s greatest empires including the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire. In 2010, Istanbul was named a European Capital of Culture, and has seen dramatic increases in visitor arrivals with over 11 million foreign visitors in 2012, making Istanbul the world’s fifth most popular tourism destination.

Istanbul also serves as Turkey’s biggest medical establishment, with the greatest number of hospitals, education and research institutions, the highest number of JCI accredited medical facilities and largest tourist arrivals for medical treatment in the country.


Why Health Tourism in Istanbul?

Istanbul remains Turkey’s economic and cultural center as well as the place continuously developing and leading Turkey’s innovations in the health sector. Investments in the health care system have provided Istanbul with the medical infrastructure necessary to accommodate international patients, mostly stemming from the private health sector. Foreign patients are drawn to Istanbul because as Turkey’s main medical hub, it has the highest concentration of JCI accredited health care facilities, an array of high quality medical treatments and best availability for medical professionals available to provide high quality treatment to overseas visitors.



The first capital of the Ottoman Empire with a history dating back to 4000BC at the heart of the silk and spice trade and Turkey’s fourth largest and advanced city.

The city which has been the capital of many civilizations and religions for centuries is the hub of many monuments and historical works nowadays. The city’s skyline is comprised of historical landmarks varying from mosques to madrasa and from churches to baths.

Attracting attention for its natural beauty as well as its rich cultural heritage Bursa is also a much preferred holiday resort for winter sports. Uludağ in Bursa is frequented by both winter and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Home too many Islamic, Christian and Jewish monuments Bursa has also been the site of numerous council meetings which are of great importance to Christians. Within the province of Bursa, Iznik is the most important of the eight Christian pilgrimage sites located in Turkey.

Well-known for its large shopping centers, bazaars and museums Bursa has a temperate climate. The region is cool in the summer and mild in the winter.

One of the most important contributions of Bursa to the history of Turkish culture is the Karagöz and Hacivat shadow theater. Shadow Theater has reached the land of Bursa in the 17th century and become an important corner stone of Turkish culture since then.

Who wouldn’t like to sightsee a scenic city that harbors a variety of landmarks of different cultures?



Mentioned in the memoirs of Marco Polo and Evliya Çelebi, Trabzon, with its cultural and natural riches, is a livable city throughout the seasons.
The city, which was initially named as Trazepos, lies in a beautiful country side between the Black Seacoast and the mountains Zigane.
The city, which had lived under the reign of many civilizations throughout centuries, was taken by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror during the Ottoman Conquest. It eventually became a city of the Republic of Turkey that was founded in 1923.
The festivities and activities organized in this city, famous for its folk dances and authentic instrument, the fiddle, provide for great entertainment.
Trabzon attracts the attention primarily for its silver and gold processing; and is famous for its specially designed bracelets called “Trabzon Bileziği.”
A trading center of increasing value Trabzon, thanks to its rainy climate, is also rich in fertile lands.
Blessed with all colors of green the city invites visitors to discover its natural wonders!